In 1986, André LAVOISIERE achieved the development of the first french Ultra High Pressure pump in the HYDROBAR company. The HYDROBAR pumps will be used in more than twenty Water Jet Cutting applications mainly in the food industry field.

In 1993, BOURGOGNE HYDRO, considered as one of the french best specialists in Hydraulics, bought the HYDROBAR activities. Then, the technology has been improved and new versions have come out with applications enlarged to the job shops, bombs neutralization and Hydroforming, some of them getting patented.

Since September 2006, HYDROPROCESS has been launched in order to continue the development of these activities inside an independent SARL. All the staff involved since 1993, and then reemployed by HYDROPROCESS and now completed by new skills coming from the industrial field is the assurance of a strong expertise to your service.

Food industries - Automotive - Aeronautics - Nuclear - Manufacturing Industries - Defence - Environnement