After more than 200 machines sold worldwide ChefCut® overpasses its limits.

In fact, well aware of the congestion constraints in ever more demanding pastry and chocolate labs, HYDROPROCESS® now presents a new model offering the same possibilities as the current model but in a much more compact format.

Presented for the first time at the next EUROPAIN show, ChefCut® has undergone a deep lifting in which everyone will find all the strengths that have made his reputation and also many improvements taking into account the feedback of the current users. While the style remains very much inspired by the current model, with a width allowing it to cross a passage of 800 mm wide, this new ChefCut® is definitely positioned as the most compact machine on the market.

Equipped with an all-new ultra-silent high-pressure pump technology, used for the first time in food applications, a new cutting kinematics and a new effluent recovery device with 2 patents in progress, this new model is still improving in terms of ergonomics and cleanliness. Finally, retaining the same interface and control system Command ChefCut® remains perfectly compatible with the ChefCutOffice® programming software suite, enhanced with new features.

20 November 2019