Pressure amplification principle

PrincipleSingle actingDouble acting


Pressure amplification principle

All our intensifiers are based on the principle of hydraulic pressure amplification using the area ratio of 2 faces of a giving cylinder, everyone exposed to a different fluid.

The master fluid is generally oil pumped by a variable hydraulic pump.


Single acting intensifier flows

The single acting intensifier flows only during the forward stroke of the plunger.

By using a servo valve to control the plunger displacement , this kind of intensifier is used in applications where the injected volume or the pressure as to be managed in real time according to a defined law :

• UHP tank filling (hydroforming, isostatic pressing, …),
• Test benches for UHP components (diesel injection components, valves, …),
• Hyperbaric boxes control.


Double acting intensifier flows

The double acting intensifier flows during both forward and backward strokes of the plungers.

Including check valves and associated with pressure accumulators, this kind of intensifier is used in applications requiring a constant flow in continuous working like for water jet cutting.