Water jet cutting principlepresse-hydroformage

Most of the materials can be cut by an aqua jet thrown at very high velocity (2 to 3 times the sound velocity). This velocity is obtained by pushing water trough a very small nozzle (0.1 to 0.4 millimetres) with ultra high pressure from 2000 to 4000 bar.

Pure water cutting for soft material

Exiting the nozzle as a coherent jet, the water particles, thrown at very high velocity hit the surface of the material to be cut in order to get a clear separation.

Abrasive water jet cutting for hard materialJet-EA

In this case, the cutting power is due to the velocity of abrasive particles, the water only serving as master fluid to accelerate them. This is achieved by using a mixing chamber that sucks the abrasive from a tank by Venturi effect and a focusing tube.

Advantages versus other process

  • Ability to cut very thick sheets (up to150 mm).
  • Homogeneous , heterogeneous material and composites as well.
  • Cold cut without any warm or structural effect neither toxic gas dispersion specially on organic materials.
  • Process well adapted to 2,3 or 5 axes machines NC controlled or robot without any die or tooling requirement.
  • Possibility to control several cutting heads simultaneously.