Compact machine very precise, very fast (cutting speed up to 300 mm/s) and easy to clean (without any retention area)

Products loading / unloading during the cutting time (easy unloading device in option)

Simple and user-friendly interface with parametric shapes library and possibility to design your own shapes from scanned pictures or original design thanks to the ChefCut Office software

Single hour Installation and start up

Low noise level

NSF® certified


Frozen or fresh products in frame up to 600 mm x 400 mm

Pastry, chocolate, pralinés, ganaches, caramels, fruit jelly, nougatines, nougats, guimauves, pastillages, biscuits, almond paste, catering products cooked products, cheese, fruits, vegetables,…

Ability to make your own personalized design from a scanned picture or an original design thanks to the ChefCut Office®software

Etc …

VIDÉO ChefCut®

ChefCut ® CC3507

Less space. More performance.

Well aware of todays space constraints in pastry and chocolate labs, we’ve developed a brand new compact machine that includes a number of improvements and new features, reflecting the latest needs and demands of our clients.

More compact. More innovative. More intuitive.

Compact : With a width allowing it to cross a passage of 800 mm wide (32 inches) , this new ChefCut® is the most compact machine available on the market.

Innovative : Equipped with an all-new ultra-silent high-pressure pump technology, used for the first time in food industry, a new cutting kinematics and a new jet recovery device with 2 patents in progress, this new model is breaking new grounds in terms of ergonomics and cleanliness.

Intuitive : Retaining the same interface and control system Command, ChefCut® remains perfectly compatible with the ChefCutOffice® programming software suite, enhanced with new features.

VIDÉO New ChefCut ® CC3507